With the film Creating Architecture, Architect Sweden Skåne wants to highlight what architecture is and how it shapes our common living environment; how spatial qualities can enhance people's everyday lives and how quality and timelessness create the basis for the built environments of the future. In the film, you can listen to the architects behind some of the projects that have received Skåne's Architecture Award.

The film sheds light on a selection of the houses, places and parks that have received Skåne's Architecture Award and which are awarded annually. The film is about what architecture "does" – and what we do with architecture. The purpose of the film is to increase the understanding of what architecture means and how architects contribute to a good living environment for both the individual and society at large. The participants are the creators behind the award-winning architecture and give us an insight into the architects' visions and creative work.


Carmen Izquierdo from Carmen Izquierdo Arkitektkontor
Cord Siegel from Siegel Architecture
Jonas Elding and Johan Oscarsson from Elding Oscarson
Petra Gipp from GIPP Arkitektur
Alexander Lenre Simittchiev from STADSTUDIO
Lina Dahlström and Niklas Bosrup from Sydväst – arkitekter och landskap


Project owner: Sveriges Arkitekter Skåne

Production company: MINT AB

Producer: Helene Mohlin

Script: Helene Mohlin and Pernilla Olsson

Direction and editing: Pernilla Olsson

Photo: Tim Strecker

Sound: Samir Dounas

With the support of MINT AB.

Steering group:

Agneta Hammer

Birgitta Ramdell Stamming

Caroline Dahl

Max Gerthel