Do you know that you can, in an almost magical way, make amazing sounds out of ordinary objects? You can be part of the instrument. Your body contains a small amount of electric current. It allows you to create sounds, noises, music, vibrations and sound waves.

Sea of sounds is a sensory exhibition for both children and adults. Here we explore new worlds of sound and the connection between sound and space with the help of play. By breaking with the traditional form of instruments and materials, we actively encourage intuitive participation based on the body and the sculptures and question our preconceived notions of an instrument.

Studio See-daa

Studio See-daa is an independent sound art collective that explores connections between sound and space. Studio See-daa is Hanieh Heidarabadi (architect and designer) and Daniel Tjäder (composer and sound designer).

About Bästa Biennalen

The Bästa Biennalen is a regional investment in children's and young people's encounters with contemporary art. The Biennale works for the accessible and inclusive art space for all ages and makes professional art visible to children and young people by coordinating a recurring regional art biennial every two years. The Bästa Biennalen's art biennial has been around since 2013 and takes place during the autumn holidays around Skåne. The content of the art biennial is produced by various participants such as art institutions, actors from the free cultural life and municipalities together with artists. The Best Biennale works all year round with development work, continuing education, networking and collaboration, primarily in Skåne but also at national and international level.