GOING PRO is a business development program for designers, specifically aimed towards individual practitioners, studios and smaller companies based in Skåne.  

In GOING PRO, motivated designers will be helped to take the next step in their creative entrepreneurship – to develop their business skills, become more professional as suppliers and increase their competitive edge.

Through an open call process, 10 designers will be selected to participate in an intensive professionalization process during a program consisting of group sessions of coaching within business development, market strategy, positioning, presentation, economy and business agreements. The program is carried out during Jan–Apr 2024. 

The program is a collaboration between Form/Design Center and ALMI. 

Participants 2024

Birgitta Helmersson
Dorthé Neppelberg
Esther Jemth
Gergely Kovacs 
Johanna Larsson Interiör
Josefin Bravo, Glass by Bravo    
Josefine Reuterborg Silver
Lisa Darland
Mark Bond, hemtools
Sam Persson, Sam-Arbete

Participation in i Southern Sweden Design Days   

On 23–26 May 2024, the forth edition of Southern Sweden Design Days will take place – an annual international design event in Malmö. The event highlights and builds knowledge about design – focusing on sustainability, collaboration, development and innovation. During four days, a platform is created showcasing a full range of design disciplines and the city is filled with exhibitions, seminars, workshops, networking events and festivities in a variety of places. 
Through participation in GOING PRO, the designers will also present their work in a group exhibition produced by Form/Design Center at Southern Sweden Design Days’ ‘Main location’ Lokstallarna in Kirseberg. The GOING PRO-exhibition takes place in a 120 square meter design pavilion designed entirely in wood by the architectural firm Förstberg Ling. The modular and reusable pavilion, which was shown for the first time at the London Design Fair, has been rebuilt at Lokstallarna. 

With over 6,000 m² of exhibition space, Main Location will house larger exhibitions from a broad mix of individual practitioners and design collectives to furniture manufacturers, universities, industry organisations and others. Visitors can also attend activities for kids, a food court and a live studio with seminars and panel discussions. During the 2023 festival, Main location had 11 200 visits.

Program participation criteria 

The program offers space for ten designers who: 

  • Are based in Skåne.  
  • have a company registered at Bolagsverket and/or are registered for F-tax, alt. or invoice via a self-employment company. 
  • Have a maximum of 3 employees in the company. 
  • Preferably have at least 1 year experience of running a business;
  • Want to develop and push the limits of the boundaries of their creative entrepreneurship.
  • Are available during Jan-Apr to take part in: 1 individual meeting for current situation analysis (2 h), joint kick-off meeting and group coaching/workshop at 3 occasions (à 3 hrs) which are held in Malmö.
  • Want to invest time and energy in preparation and own work between the meetings.
  • Want to participate in Southern Sweden Design Days in May 2024 by exhibiting their work in a group exhibition at SSDD:s Main location Lokstallarna.
  • Want to invest in GOING PRO through committed participation, discussion and collaboration throughout the entire process.

Application and selection  

Designers apply to GOING PRO 2024 via online form here. 

The application form includes information about the applicant, company description, short motivation and three reference projects. Deadline for application is 7 December 2023, 23:59 hrs. 

During w 50, applicants will receive feedback on their applications and notification if they have been selected to participate in GOING PRO 2024. 

Then the participants will be contacted for scheduling individual meetings. The selection is made by representatives from Form/Design Center and ALMI. 

Feedback will be given on submitted applications and applicants will receive notification if they have been selected to participate in GOING PRO 2024. 


Participation in GOING PRO is free of charge. 

Participants are expected to cover any travelling costs to and from meetings within GOING PRO as well as costs associated with their work to be presented in the group exhibition during Southern Sweden Design Days. 


The participants commit to follow through the entire program and to attend every meeting.  

As participants in the group exhibition at Lokstallarna, a certain presence in the exhibition will be required during the event days. 


For questions about the program, please contact:

Terese Alstin, Form/Design Center – terese@formdesigncenter.com
Kalle Magnusson, Almi – kalle.magnusson@almi.se