In 2023, the artist-run textile workshop Textiltryck Malmö turns 40! This is celebrated with a curated exhibition of works produced at the workshop, by the workshop's members, over the past 40 years.

At 17:30, the collective's current chairman Karin Olu Lindgård presents the exhibition together with former chairmen and gives an insight into the association's long history.


Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad Textiltryck Malmö, abbreviated Textiltryck Malmö, is a non-profit association whose purpose is to offer professional artists, artisans and designers a workspace and technical equipment for the production of mainly textile-printed works of art. Textiltryck Malmö was founded in 1983 and is run today with the support of the City of Malmö and Region Skåne. Textiltryck Malmö is an artist-run membership organization with approx. 50 affiliated artists and designers.