Nordisk Panorama Film Festival is the annual flagship of Nordic documentaries and short films. Since 1990 the festival has screened the best Nordic short films and documentaries in our competitions and special programmes, awarding the very best Nordic documentaries and short films with great prizes.

During September the Film Festival in Malmö offers the public audience and film industry professionals the best of the newest Nordic Short and Documentary films together with a range of industry events.


At Form/Design Center we will screen Water Tower Symphony – an experimental documentary film that depicts Finnish water towers and the memories associated with them.

According to recent studies these towers have become town symbols that create local identity. Water Tower Symphony not only documents, but also revives this kind of everyday environment typical to Finland. These slowly disappearing surreal buildings deserve to be depicted through art: they deserve a visual symphony of their own.


Written, Directed & Edited by
Panu Johansson

Maria Gullsten

Director of Photography
Toni Kauppila,Ilmari Mannermaa, Panu Johansson

Sound Designer
Heikki Illikainen

Jussi Rovanperä

Toni Kauppila

Produced by
Flatlight Creative House & Panu Johansson