Festivitas shows everything that goes into a great party, fancy chandeliers, glass, ceramic and paper baubles, party equipment, bling and neon. Among other things, you can see Britten Toftarp's bridal set, Britten works with simple techniques and materials that are accessible to everyone and is inspired by "you take what you have". She transforms paper, flea market finds and scrap metal into extraordinary trinkets. Feel free to go down to the exhibition and be inspired by everything you can do. You are welcome to take what you make home with you or leave it for others to see.

Opening hours

The workshop is open for drop-in every day during our regular opening hours. When Sussi is on site and leading the workshop, you can create some extra festive items.

The following days Sussi is leading the workshop during our regular opening hours:

  • 25–28 June
  • 2–4 July
  • 18–20 July
  • 31 July
  • 2 Aug
  • 8–9 Aug
  • 13–18 Aug