Wait… what? Just how am I supposed to solve this? As a designer today, you’ll quickly become aware that each and every decision is a fine compromise between needs and ”accepted” side effects. Is it really possible for the design industry to continue with a business as usual-mindset in the midst of a society in need of a sustainable transformation? 

With the exhibition The Future is Local at Form/Design Center, VERK and A New Sweden presents the many advantages of local production – increased transparency, traceability and a reduced environmental footprint. Welcome to participate when Ung Svensk Form (Svensk Form) offers free breakfast and arranges an exhibition tour together with one of the brilliant minds of VERK furniture company!

Take the chance to share your questions and thoughts with like-minded creators. The  tour will hopefully increase both your future optimism and your ability to contribute to sustainable production.

RSVP by May 15 to info@svenskform.se