The day begins with a breakfast seminar with surface treatment expert Jan Sidén, after which we take a bus to various companies in Skåne to take a closer look at, among other things, anodizing, galvanizing and metal spraying.


Breakfast seminar 08:00–09:30 with Jan Sidén (open for everyone) at Form/Design Center


Departures with bus

09:50 From Stortorget, Malmö 10:15 Industriförsilvring

11:10 Powder & Wet Varnishing

12:05 Lunch at Fiskeboden in Lomma

13:00 Honing and Polishing

14:00 Teflon coating and metal spraying

15:00 Electric galvanization with subsequent blue, yellow, black and thick film passivation.

16:20 Gold plating

18:10 (ca.) End destionation Stortorget, Malmö


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