Green Furniture Concept makes sustainable design for public interior areas. Configurably winding, seamless seating and acoustic lighting from Green Furniture can be found in places like Dublin Airport, Topanga Mall (LA) and Stockholm Central Station. 

The Green Mission 

We are here to make a change. We aim to show the world how the more sustainable also can be more functional, last longer and even cooler. We have a cyclic holistic approach from raw materials to business model, and we can take full responsibility for the state and function of the furniture over time.

Our lasting Vision 

Green Furniture delivers to large public interiors. This means we have few but large customers, and that we have time and ambition to listen very carefully to these specific demands, learn their their business, and improve their sense of place, customer satisfaction and sales. The furniture is in for a long term smooth relationship, with timeless design, ability to stay in shape as new and to change with the building over time. We call it "impression that lasts".