"Have you thought of something? Human beings are fantastic! And you are the only one who is just YOU. That makes YOU and just you UNIQUE – no one else is exactly like you… That’s pretty special when you think about it – yep, somehow it’s cool… But…if you were to share with the world “A little bit of you”… What would it be?"

On several occasions during the year, artist Jafer Taoun plus staff from the local cultural group Drömmarnas Hus have led workshops in which art has helped to give birth to creative encounters between people of all ages. With the participants challenged to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas on a piece of fabric they have dyed themselves, they have invited each other – and now us visitors – to a dialogue. Each separate individual is given space and together they form a magnificent whole. You are welcome to explore it!

“A little bit of me” is part of the Stick ut! (Stand out!) project, which is a recipient of funding from the Swedish Arts Council’s Creative Places programme. The aim of the funding is to enable more people to choose, create and participate in culture where they live.