In April 1986 Blå Station’s first furniture series, Oblado, was exhibited at the Form/Design Center. Based on a round ring of birch veneer, the series was designed by Börge Lindau, who founded the company together with his children, Mimi and Johan. Now, 30 successful years later, Blå Station is welcomed back with the anniversary exhibition MÖBEL(R)EVOLUTION.

“For all these years we have focused on making a difference in the market. We are – despite this high age – still curious; we still have our passion and we still do not ask the market what it wants or needs. We do our own business intelligence research and we seldom or never rely on anyone else’s future studies. We continue to concentrate on seating solutions like stools, chairs, sofas and easy chairs, but also on their closest friends like benches and tables of various types. Sustainability and environmental awareness, as well as new technology, new materials and new machines, are important foundation stones and building blocks for us. All this can be accomplished locally here in Sweden and this makes us quite unique as a manufacturing country. Our products will be characterised by high quality and a well thought-out process. We take no shortcuts.”
Mimi Rikardsson Lindau & Johan Lindau